Buy New Construction in Mt. Pleasant

Building Your Forever Home


As you prepare to purchase a forever home for you to grow into you may be considering purchasing a new construction home or building one from scratch. Who can blame you?! New construction homes and the communities they are built in have come a very long way in recent years and they can be an excellent option for many people. However, just like with anything there are pros and cons to buying a new construction home versus one that is pre-existing. Please use this page to educate yourself on the differences and browse available new construction listings in and around Mount Pleasant and the surrounding area. 

Financing New Construction

When you purchase a new construction home that has not yet been built and if you need to obtain financing for the purchase, the loan may be structured differently. Unlike when you purchase a home that is pre-existing, you would need to get what is known as a construction loan. This is a short-term loan with higher interest that is designed to give you the funds you need to build the home. Typically, they are for one year during which the property must be built, and a certificate of occupancy must be issued. Your construction loan can be used to cover the cost of the land, contractor labor, building materials, all of the necessary permits, etc. Of course, there is a lot more to this type of financing which is why it is important that you either hire or allow me to refer you to a lender that specializes in working with these types of loans. 

Amenities Make A Lifestyle

One of the biggest draws to buying a new construction home in Mount Pleasant is that you may have the luxury of having access to many amenities. Depending on the community, you can buy a home that will have you feeling like you live at a resort more than just some random suburb. In most cases, you will at least find walking and jogging paths, scenic natural views, a pool, and a clubhouse. Of course, many of these communities are also managed by a Homeowner’s Association which helps to maintain the community and retain the value of each property within it. Along with the services and amenities that you get to enjoy under that Homeowner’s Association you will typically be expected to pay an additional monthly or annual fee on top of your mortgage. 

The Ability To Get Everything You Want In A Home

One of the biggest perks to purchasing a new construction home that either hasn’t been built yet or hasn’t been completed is that it gives you the ability to customize the home to fit your exact needs. For some people that are relocating, it is simply too hard to find everything they are looking for in a pre-existing home, so they opt instead to build one and rent in the meantime. Another important perk to note, is that when you are looking to buy in a seller’s market, but want to do everything possible to avoid a bidding war, you can be more confident in purchasing a new construction home with a set price. 

Be Upfront With The Sales Office

If you are anything like most people, you want to be sure that your chosen real estate agent is the one that not only represents you and your best interests when you buy a home, but is also the one that gets paid in exchange for all of their hard work. Especially, since you are NOT the one that has to pay a real estate agent when you are the buyer. Unfortunately, what many people do not realize is that if they do not make it abundantly clear to the agent in the sales office and actually write in that you are being represented by your agent when you tour new construction properties, they will NOT be paid. Therefore, it is extremely important that if you go to any new construction community without your agent that you are firm about the fact that you have an agent. In fact, it is always a good idea to give your agent a call to let them know so they can speak with the sales agent and let them know that you are being represented. If this is not done, your agent will not get paid or be able to work for you which means you will not have anyone representing you and your best interests throughout the transaction. Remember, the agents working the sales office at a new construction community do not work for you but rather the builder and they are there to protect their best interest above yours. 

Browse Available New Construction Homes In Mount Pleasant

Below you can browse any and all of the available new construction properties and communities throughout Mount Pleasant and the surrounding area. If you find a property that you would like to see, let me know and I will arrange for us to take a private tour.