Questions About Relocating To Mt. Pleasant?

Is it better to buy an existing home or new construction home in Mount Pleasant?

That depends! If you can’t find a home that meets your needs, then it will be much faster and easier for you to go with a pre-existing home. Especially if it is turnkey. However, I don’t believe that you should ever settle for a home you are unhappy with just because you are in a rush so if need be, I will find you a suitable rental until we can find you a new home in Mount Pleasant.

Is it expensive to live in Mount Pleasant?

Based on a national average index of the cost of living, Mount Pleasant is slightly more expensive than your average American city. This demonstrates the fact that Mount Pleasant attracts many affluent people, has many amenities, and that the citizens generally enjoy a high quality of life. 

What are the people like in Mount Pleasant?

If you are relocating to Mount Pleasant and the surrounding area, you will be thrilled to know that the people here are happy, healthy, and full of that famous southern hospitality. This is the kind of city where people greet one another on the street and actually get to know their neighbors. 

Is there a good job market in Mount Pleasant?

It should come as no surprise that Mount Pleasant has a strong economy, partially due to the fact that there is a strong job economy here. In fact, when the entire country suffered an average decline of jobs by 32% during the pandemic, our area only lost about 20%, according to Indeed. 

What is Mount Pleasant known for?

Firstly, Mount Pleasant is a gorgeous historical city that was founded way back in 1680. This coastal little city has made a name for itself for being one of the best places in South Carolina to get a great seafood meal and for being home to several iconic places such as Boone Hall Plantation and the Yorktown Museum. It is the preferred suburb of Charleston and the absolute go-to suburb for people in search of wholesome living by the sea. 

Is there entertainment in Mount Pleasant? 

Although Mount Pleasant is considered to be a suburb of Charleston, do not let that fool you! Mount Pleasant is home to a robust food, art, and entertainment scene! Throughout the year there are always fun events for people of all ages to attend and both tourists and residents love the shopping! If you consider yourself a seafood lover, you will be beyond blissful at the wonderful array of fresh seafood restaurants.

Is Mount Pleasant near the beach?

You will be thrilled to know that just like Charleston, Mount Pleasant is a beach town with both main beaches and islands for you to explore and enjoy. There are waterfront parks such as the Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park and you can fish or take a stroll down both the Pitt Street Bridge and Mount Pleasant Pier. So if you’re in search of a beautiful, friendly, and fun beach town to call home you should definitely find out how far your money can go in the Mount Pleasant real estate market.