4 Benefits To Raising A Family In Mount Pleasant



1. Mount Pleasant Is A Friendly Place

One of my favorite things about Mount Pleasant is the people! If you are looking for a shining example of some good ‘ole fashioned southern hospitality, then look no further my friend! This is the kind of place where neighbors start as neighbors and turn into friends. It is the kind of place where people actually say hello, smile, and wave as they pass one another on the street. It is an epicenter of warmth, kindness, and generosity.


2. The Economy Is Strong In Mount Pleasant

One factor that a lot of people forget to consider when looking for a good town to raise their family is the local economy. After all, you want to be sure that you’re investing in real estate that will appreciate and that you will be able to acquire a job that will allow you to pay your bills and enjoy your life right? Well, here in Mount Pleasant we have a booming little economy with a strong job market and a strong housing market as well.


3. There Is Always Something Fun To Do In Mount Pleasant

Many people hesitate to move out to the burbs for fear that they will live in endless boredom. While that may be true in some suburbs that simply isn’t the case in Mount Pleasant. There is always something to do here no matter what you’re into! From fabulous restaurants to getting out on the water to soaking up some art and culture, there is never a shortage of entertainment. Plus, you’re just a hop, skip, and a beat from Charleston where even more entertainment can be found.


4. Mount Pleasant Is A Family-Friendly Destination

Finally, it must be said that Mount Pleasant isn’t just a happy little suburb of Charleston, it is a true destination for young families! When you add up the the economy, the lifestyle, the education, and everything else, it is clear that anyone would be lucky to raise their kids here. That is evident not just in the happiness of our people and the name of our city but in the fact that families from around the country save up to come here on vacation. Who doesn’t want to live in the place where everyone else vacations?!


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