4 Educational Outings For Families In Mt. Pleasant


If you are anything like most parents, you are constantly looking for ways that you can get the kids out of the house for something fun and educational as well. With their eyes always focused on one screen or another, it seems to be more and more challenging to engage in quality family time together that helps to nourish your bond while enriching the lives of your children. Lucky for those of us living in Mount Pleasant, we are surrounded by places we can take the kids for some fun that is also educational. In today’s post, I am sharing four of those places in hopes it will help you create some new family memories that serve you in more ways than one.

1. Patriot’s Point Cold War Submarine Memorial

One of our most famous and beloved attractions in town is of course Patriot’s Point. It is there that you can find the Cold War Submarine Memorial. Although it is not one of the more “popular” wars in American history in terms of interest, this memorial is a great catalyst for an interesting conversation. If your children are old enough, I highly suggest a visit along with a conversation about what can be learned from the cold war and an explanation of how the subs worked.

2. Mount Pleasant Famer’s Market

One of the biggest benefits to living in Mount Pleasant is that the community supports and encourages a healthy lifestyle. One example of that is our wonderful farmer’s market. Not only can you pick up some delicious produce and samplings that will help to support our local farmers but attending is also an opportunity to teach children about the importance of doing so. It always helps to let kids pick out a few treats from the stands that you can include in their school lunches or perhaps choose something that you can have fun cooking together like fruit for a pie.

3. Boone Hall Plantation

Another of our famous and beloved attractions here in town that can double as an educational experience is the Boone Hall Plantation. Plantations are of course associated with slavery, and it is important that we educate our children on our country’s previous transgressions to prevent them from recurring. Your general admission ticket will include:

  • Entrance to Boone Hall will be on the world-famous Avenue Of Oaks

  • Tractor tours across the property with a limited capacity for each ride for health and safety reasons (weather permitting)

  • Exploring The Gullah Culture presentations will be held outdoors with social distancing maintained

  • Walk through tours of the first floor of the plantation home beautifully decorated for Christmas

  • Black History In America Exhibit is open with a limit of four persons in each cabin at a time

  • History talks presented outdoors in front of historic dwellings

  • Tour the outside beauty areas of the property at your own pace

  • Stroll through our outdoor gardens which are a showcase of color

  • See beautiful marsh views and wildlife on hand

4. Patriots Point Naval & Wartime Museum

Also out at Patriot’s Point, is the Naval & Wartime Museum. This is a fan favorite for our local history bluffs and another fantastic opportunity to teach our youth and adults alike about the navy and the role it has played in wars. If your kids are more reluctant to learning about history in school, visiting museums like this is a great way to bring history alive for them and give them something tangible that they can use to spark their interest.

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