5 Stay-At-Home-Mom Jobs You Can Start This Summer


One of the biggest dilemmas that parents face is whether or not they should continue to work or stay home to raise their children. Especially, while they are too young to attend school. It is no wonder that more and more moms are doing whatever they can to make some extra income or even create a full-time job that they can do from home. But while the idea of working from home sounds awesome, knowing where to begin can become overwhelming quickly. In this week’s post, I’m giving you an overview of some of the most popular and attainable jobs for moms to start this summer.

1. Become A Blogger

Do you enjoy writing or journaling? Or even sharing advice? If, so you might be a baller blogger in the making, my friend! If you have never started a blog, I promise you it is easier than you think. The trick is to choose a niche that you can talk about endlessly either with passion or as an expert. Without a niche, your blog is sure to fail so take some time to choose something you know you can write about at least once a week.

Once you have got it up and running, you can begin making money from your blog by either doing feature posts in which companies can pay you to be featured or you can become an affiliate marketer. In affiliate marketing, you will promote other company’s products and services and collect a commission when one of your readers purchases them using your unique affiliate link.

2. Set Up Your Very Own Online Shop

Have you always dreamed of opening your own store or boutique? It is easier and cheaper than ever thanks to platforms like Etsy and Shopify. I love that ambitious moms can now open their own store without all of the hassle and expense of a brick and mortar store! Again, I suggest that you sell something that you care about, something that excites you, and something that you can make enough of a profit from.

3. Start Flipping Products You Can Sell Online

Over the last few years, more and more people have begun flipping products online for shocking amounts of money. In most cases, people purchase items from garage sales, thrift stores, and even pawn shops and then sell them online for profit. In many cases, especially the garage sales, people just don’t know the value of what they have and you can benefit from that. If you love to bargain hunt and negotiating for the best price, I highly recommend going this route!

4. Become A Virtual Assistant

If you once worked in an office environment and are confident in those skills, you may want to consider becoming a virtual assistant. You can get hired by one person or company needing consistent hours from you or work for a list of different people with a smaller need. I also love the fact that you can put your strengths to work for you. For example, if you are artistic you can feature your graphic design skills or if you love organization you can promote that as a special skill.

5. Start A Laundry Service

Some people actually really enjoy doing laundry and find it cathartic. If you are one of those people, or at least don’t mind doing laundry, you may want to consider starting a laundry service. I’ve learned there are more and more women that are offering drop-off and pick-up laundry services to friends and neighbors and then scaling from there. The great thing about a laundry service is again you can do it from your home and then you can write off expenses like your water, an extra washer, and dryer, electric, etc. Some women report making hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars per month!

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