6 Resolutions For Young Families In 2021


Resolutions are a fantastic way to not only encourage ourselves to grow and expand our talents and interests. They are great for breaking bad habits and for developing new ones as well. But they can also be a wonderful way to help a family grow closer together and bond with one another too. So with that in mind, I have assembled this list of resolutions that are ideal for helping to strengthen the bonds in your family and help you all grow happier and healthier together. No need to wait until the New Year rolls around again because it is never too early or too late to work on growing together.

Hold Onto A Happy Habit You Found During Covid

There is no denying that dealing with the struggles of the pandemic was an uphill battle for most families. However, there also is no denying that there were a few good things to come out of being quarantined together. Namely, the amount of quality time that families finally got to enjoy.

Being forced to spend all of that time together also forced many families to develop some family-first habits. Perhaps it was playing more games together or exercising together or actually sitting down to a meal together without devices. Whatever those new habits were they should not be abandoned as things return to normal but embraced. So choose one of those positive outcomes of the quarantine and resolve to maintain them.

Volunteer Together As A Family

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding and healthy activities that any family can engage in together. Although they may be resistant to it at first, nearly all children find participating in some type of charitable event or volunteerism to be rewarding and eye-opening. It is always a good idea to select the cause and manner in which you will give back together and it also helps if it is a cause that is near and dear to your family.

Get Outside More Often

Being quarantined made many of us feel very stir crazy which led record-breaking amounts of people to turn to outdoor exercise and activities. There are tremendous health benefits to getting outside on a daily basis for some good old vitamin D and fresh air and just because things are starting to get back to normal doesn’t mean we need to go back to staying inside all day. So if you started riding your bikes, going for walks, or simply sitting outside more often, now is not the time to abandon those healthy habits.

Shop Local More Often

We are super lucky in Mt. Pleasant to have many local shops and restaurants that are owned by friends and neighbors. These locally owned “mom and pop” shops are wonderful for our local economy and are a part of the very fiber of the American spirit, So although it might be a bit more effort to actually go out to the store it makes a really big difference. Our overall local economy and the families of those business owners will be in a much better place if you can skip the big box stores even a few times a month.

Read Together

Reading is a wonderful way to expand the mind, the imagination, and a person’s overall happiness. It is also a far healthier way to wind down before bed than staring at the blue light of your phone or tablet. So why not get (or stay) in the habit of reading on a daily basis. Even if it is just a couple of pages or a chapter it is a great way to grow individually and as a family. If your children are younger, it might be a good idea to choose a book together like the Harry Potter series and read them aloud as a family in the evenings.

Make Date Nights Mandatory

Date nights are not just about giving parents a time to breathe and reconnect. Date nights are about reinforcing the glue that holds your family together. Marriage is work and a big part of that work is doing whatever it takes to spend romantic time together and reflect on why you chose to go through life’s journey together. Make date nights a mandatory obligation that can only be rescheduled for a SERIOUS emergency.

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