Are Your Kids Still Struggling With Your Move? Here’s How To Help Them Adjust


Is there anything harder than being a parent?! I know that despite the fact that many parents relocate or move their kids because it is ultimately in their best interest, some kids just struggle more than others. This can also be really hard on you as a parent because although it isn’t your job to be their best friend and give them everything they want it is painful to watch them struggle. With that being said, today’s post is all about helping you to help your children adjust and get back on track to living happily and healthily.

Do Your Best To Stay Positive For Them

Between the exhaustion that comes with moving and relocating and that of parenting children that are derailed by the move it can be all too easy to allow that frustration to reflect in your attitude. I know it can be really challenging but the first thing you can do to help your kids adjust is to lead with a positive example. You are their number one role model(s) so do your best to show them how to approach a challenge with positivity and they will be grateful for that skill for the rest of their lives.

Try To Maintain Your Old Routines

One of the reasons that kids have such a hard time with moving is that their routine which provides them with a much-needed sense of security is disrupted. It might sound silly but routines are paramount for kids. So do your best to maintain your old routines or develop a new one that your kids love to help reassure them.

Honor Their Grief

Your kids, although younger, are still people. Their opinions and emotions are valid and should be honored as such. Some children experience a legitimate grieving process over a major move and they deserve your respect. Rather than force them to feel a certain way about the move, allow them to express themselves and make them feel heard.

Help Them Love Their New Room

A child’s bedroom is a very big deal to them. That is there one and only space in this world and it can really make a big difference in this situation. If you haven’t had the chance yet, make a big fun deal out of helping them to decorate their room and make it their own.

Consider Getting A New Pet

I know this one won’t work for everyone but if you have been considering bringing a pet into the family this might just be the perfect time. First of all, few things light up a child’s life like a pet. Secondly, having the added responsibility can give them something positive to focus on rather than the fact that you’ve moved. Additionally, a pet can make a new house really turn into a home and can really act like the glue that holds you all closer together.

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