Creative Ways To Have Fun In Mt. Pleasant This Summer


It’s funny isn’t it? Kids complain all year long that they can’t wait for Summer Vacation. Then it rolls around and within a matter of weeks they start complaining that they’re bored; go figure. Of course, we all got a heavy dose of this contradiction when the pandemic hit and forced the kids to take their classes online. So if you, like many parents, are tired of hearing the kids whine that there is never anything to do, I’ve got you covered with this list of creative ways to have fun in Mount Pleasant. Please share with your friends and family that are also dealing with chronic cases of boredom.

Brighten Your Instagram With A Fun Photoshoot On Rainbow Row

For those of you that have kids old enough to be on Instagram, why not offer to give them a mini photoshoot for their feed? While there are undoubtedly tons and tons of sights around Mt. Pleasant that are insta-worthy, I particularly like Rainbow Row. This street features a series of homes in different colors sure to make any feed pop oof the screen.

Waterfront Music & Movies On Friday Nights

One of my favorite things about the summer in Mt. Pleasant is how we celebrate Friday nights. Both Party at the Point and Waterfront Music and Movies are events you will not want to miss. Pack up a blanket and chairs and some yummy snacks, perhaps a bottle of wine, and curl up for some good family fun. Party at the Point, which starts in July, is a family-friendly event at Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina. Doors open at 5pm, and they have plenty of food and an awesome lineup of music to enjoy while enjoying a beautiful view of Charleston Harbor. Then on Fridays throughout the month of August, at 6pm, head to Memorial Waterfront Park where you can attend music and movie nights. There is something so magical and even romantic about watching the sunset while listening to local musicians and then staying to watch an outdoor movie all the while the Ravenel Bridge and Charleston Harbor serve as your backdrop.

Visit The Historic Sights

If you have not yet had the chance, I really urge you to start visiting our local historic sights, monuments, and attractions. Not only is there a variety of different sites to visit with different activities available but your trips can be educational. I think when we live somewhere with attractions we tend to take them for granted and assume they will always be there so we never end up going. Having seen them myself, I am telling you that you and your family are missing out if you haven’t taken the tour of the many historic attractions Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding Charleston area has to offer. So try to schedule in the time this summer.

Take Advantage Of Mount Pleasant's Youth Activities

We are very lucky to live in a town that organizes fantastic youth programs to help keep our kids busy throughout the year. In addition to the camps held during school breaks and the youth athletic programs for sports like tennis and baseball, there is also a skate park. It is also worth noting that they have a great aquatics program available for teaching kids to swim and strengthening those skills which are really important when you live near the ocean.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Living In Mount Pleasant?

Go ahead and call me biased, but I think Mount Pleasant is by far one of the greatest Southern cities to live and raise a family! From cool events and interesting culture to the family-friendly atmosphere and everything in between this is truly a phenomenal place to live.

I write this blog not to just help the families of Mount Pleasant but to get to know the people of Mount Pleasant better by connecting with them here. So please, don’t be shy! Comment here and tell me what you love about life in Mount Pleasant! I’d really love to hear from you!