Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Leftover Moving Boxes


Maybe it is just me, but when all the moving is done and the boxes are unpacked, it drives me crazy to see all those empty boxes sitting around. But while I am always eager to get them broken down and out of here, a little more patience and creativity lends itself beautifully to finding new purposes for those boxes. In today’s post, I am sharing some creative ways that you can transform those plain moving boxes into something fun, functional, or fabulous.

Let The Kids Get Creative

Anyone with kids knows the head-shaking feeling of watching a child play with the box that a toy comes in. Although that can be a bit frustrating there is something really joyous about watching children use their imagination to turn a plain old box into a car, or rocket ship, or whatever else their imagination can cook up. So before you start breaking down boxers, I highly recommend you give the kids the chance to pick out some boxes to play with for a couple of days.

Wrap Them In Twine Or Fabric For Stylish Storage

You know how people buy styled boxes for chic and decorative storage these days? I actually think it is kinda crazy how expensive those can be at times. But since you have all these extra boxes around now, why not take a few minutes to create your own? I love the idea of picking out a fabric you love to wrap them or for a more beachy vibe wrap and glue rope or twine.

Create A Luxury Cat Bed

If you’re feeling crafty, and you have a cat, I also adore the idea of turning a moving box into an adorable custom cat bed. Decorate it just like you would one of those decorative storage boxes. Then simply insert padding or a pre-existing bed. Add a little name tag to finish it off and voila you’ve got a purrfect bed your cat will love.

Cut Up Pieces Into Learning Toys

Are your kids still young enough to be working on their shapes, letters, and numbers? If so, it is a great idea to cut up some boxes into learning tools. For shapes, I suggest you make your own version of those classic learning toys where children insert shapes into a box with holes that match those shapes. For letters and numbers, you can cut up a bunch of cardboard squares that they can use to trace and practice on.

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