Follow These Simple Steps To Enjoy Your 1st Night In Your New Mt. Pleasant Home


There is something so special about that first night in your new home isn’t there? It is one of those nights that you hope to look back upon fondly for years to come as the beginning of a new journey. Of course, on your first night in any new home, you’re likely to face some challenges that are only natural since most of your stuff will still be boxed up. As your Mount Pleasant relocation specialist, I love to share these tips with my buyers but today I want to share them with all of you. I hope that they help to make your first night in your new Mount Pleasant home as happy as can be!


Set Up Your Kitchen & Bathroom First

Believe it or not, there is nothing you are going to want established more than your kitchen and at least one bathroom. Getting takeout on the first night to give yourself a break after a long day is one thing but ordering in every meal for days until you get the kitchen organized will get very expensive very quickly and it is really unnecessary.


If you will be moving short distance, I actually suggest that you take the first day that you have access to your new home to set up your kitchen and at least one bathroom as fully as you can before moving anything else in. This includes going grocery shopping and stocking the fridge with the essentials you need to at least get you through the first few days. Trust me, you will be immensely grateful to be able to find a for when you want one and take a relaxing hot shower and brush your teeth with ease in the midst of the move.


Pack A Special Box Of Essentials

Aside from getting your kitchen and bathroom set up, packing an essentials box is a lifesaver! In fact, you may even have each member of the family pack a box or bag of their first-night essentials. This includes everything you will absolutely need for a happy and comfortable first night or two without having to go looking through boxes. Here are some suggestions for your essentials box:


  • Phone, tablet, and computer chargers

  • Something for entertainment (you may not have tv and internet yet)

  • Pajamas and a change of clothes

  • Personal care items like a toothbrush and deodorant

  • Bed linens so you can crash comfortably


Go Out To Eat Or Order In Takeout

Even if you do manage to get your kitchen fully set up before you move in, I really think it is a good idea to go out to eat on moving day or get some takeout. I mean, do you really want to be cooking and washing dishes in the midst of everything else you have on your plate? Plus, it can be fun to try a new restaurant near your new home so give yourself a break and celebrate your first night with some takeout.


Make Sure You Have Some Entertainment

This is a really big one when you have kids! In most cases, you won’t have your tv service or internet connected yet when you move in, For those of us that are used to being on our devices 24/7 for everything including entertainment this can lead to a very stressful first night. So it is always a good idea to pack some alternative entertainment options like board games, books, and maybe some coloring books and crayons.


Moving To Mount Pleasant?

I couldn’t be more thrilled for you! Mount Pleasant is one of the most spectacular cities not just in South Carolina but in the country as a whole. The people are friendly, the seafood is sensational, the education is bright, and the economy is booming! However, no matter how wonderful a new city can be, finding the right home and navigating a relocation can be challenging to say the least!


That is where I come in!


As your Mount Pleasant relocation specialist, it is my job to make sure you get the home of your dreams at the best possible price and that the entire transition goes as smoothly as possible. So if you are thinking or planning to move to Mount Pleasant, give me a call, and don’t forget to grab your copy of The Definitive Guide To Relocating To Mount Pleasant.