Fun Date Night Ideas Around Mt. Pleasant


I hate to say it but sometimes it feels like the longer you are together the harder it is to come up with fun and romantic date ideas. Especially, once you start raising kids! Half the battle is scheduling and making time for dates and the other half is trying to figure out what to do with the time once you find it. Although I can’t give you the gift of time I can at least help you with some ideas to help keep the spark alive on date night.

Picnic At Memorial Waterfront Park

I love this idea because although it is an old-school romance I feel like you can really make it your own. In the mood for something fancy for date night? Pick up some takeout from your favorite high-end restaurant in town, a bottle of champagne, and some chocolate-covered strawberries for desert. Prefer something more casual? Go the more traditional route with the food and maybe bring along something fun to do like a game or something for a bit of fun.

Try A Romantic Dinner Cruise With SpiritLine

Are we not beyond lucky to live in what I swear is one of the most beautiful places in the world?! I feel like we need to push ourselves to take advantage of the fact that we live on the water as often as possible. So, with that being said, why not hop on one of our local dinner cruises with SpiritLine. I love this because you can kick back and relax with one another while everyone else does all of the work. Plus you might even spot a dolphin or two along a sunset cruise. Now that spells romance to me!

Hone Your Skills With A Cooking Class At Coastal Cupboard

One of the best ways to use a date night is to try something new that neither of you have ever done before. Trying something new has a powerful way of bonding you and therefore creating a more permanent memory. My suggestion is that you book a private cooking class over at Coastal Cupboard. You can have a fun and flirty time while cooking before enjoying the fruits of your labor together over your gourmet dinner.

Grab Drinks At Adora Wine Bar

Located right next to Opal, one of our most popular and fabulous local restaurants is Adora Wine Bar. I love the idea of separating the drinks from the dinner because it feels more like a first date when you aren’t sure how much you’re really going to like the other person. Plus, the change of scenery adds to the experience. I also love the idea of going to Adora for just a drink or two on nights when you can’t manage to grab a ton of time away from the kids because it still feels fun and special. Just make a point of saying no phones aloud and taking advantage of the time you’re giving yourselves to really talk, laugh, and flirt.

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