Fun Ways To Celebrate Memorial Day Safely


Memorial Day Weekend has always been a big-time favorite for us! Of course, since the Coronavirus swept the world last year, it has become much harder for us to celebrate things like Memorial Day in the ways we are used to. Since the world is still returning to normal, I thought I would share some fun ways that you and your family can celebrate while staying safe and responsible.


Get Crafty Together

Personally, I think that holidays are a great excuse to do some themed crafts with the kids. In fact, I think Memorial Day is the perfect holiday for it because the crafts can help increase a child’s awareness, interest, and respect for the holiday. A quick search on Pinterest will give you plenty of ideas based on your child’s age and motor skills but I love the idea of anything with the American flag or for the older kids, a diorama from an old shoebox.


Soak Up The Sun At The Beaches

While you may want to take some social distancing measures to be safe, there is no reason you still can’t work on your tan this weekend. The beaches have put their own safety measures in place and they enforce rules like parking at least four feet off the road, so be sure that you check the rules for whatever beach you go to. Of course, you may also want to set up your chairs or towels at a safe distance from other people as well.


Set Sail On The Open Waters

If you’re eager to get some sun and get out on the water without worrying so much about the social distancing this is the perfect weekend to head out on the boat. Popular spots for our seasoned local boaters include Capers Island, the back side of Kiawah, and even right next to Fort Sumter.


Hold A Moment Of Silence

Our family began doing this once we started having children. While my husband and I obviously already understood the importance of Memorial Day and what it stands for, it was important to us our children didn’t just associate it with BBQs and fireworks. So now we like to hold a moment of silence to honor those that have fallen for our freedom and those that continue to defend it. You may also wish to visit a cemetery to lay flowers upon the graves of our vets for children of an appropriate age.


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