How to Get Your Beach Body Ready In Mount Pleasant


I don’t know about you but I can hardly believe how fast the year is zooming by! If you are anything like most people, you have probably begun at least contemplating getting back that beach body. Especially since so many of us packed on a few extra COVID pounds during the pandemic. Luckily for us, Mount Pleasant is a truly healthy and vibrant town that makes it easier than most to not only achieve our health and fitness goals but maintain them. Since I know many of my readers are about to move to Mount Pleasant or have done so recently I wanted to share a few of the ways Mount Pleasant makes it easy to look and feel great! Please pay it forward & help your friends and loved ones do the same by sharing this post!

Hit The Mount Pleasant Parks

You know how when you live somewhere it becomes easier and easier to neglect all of the local attractions because you tell yourself they aren’t going anywhere? I get that it can be easy to forget Mt. Pleasant is a very green city in more ways than one but I am here to remind you! We have so many fantastic parks and trails that are perfect for walks, runs, and bike rides. I encourage you to try them all and start incorporating them into a more regular part of your fitness routine. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park

  • Palmetto Islands County Park

  • Shem Creek Park

  • Laurel Hill County Park

  • Kearns Park Trail

  • Fort Palmetto Trail

  • East Cooper Land Trust Marsh View Trail

Eat Here, Not There

For many of us that are on the go all of the time and trying to balance work with family, it is just easier to turn to takeout much of the time. But as we all know, all those restaurant meals can quickly make their way to our waistlines. If you can’t imagine ditching the restaurants then I suggest you simply swap out some of our delicious but indulgent chains and opt instead for one of our healthy local restaurants. Here are just a few of my favorite go-to restaurants in Mt. Pleasant for a fiercely delicious and guilt-free meal.

  • Blend Juice Bar

  • Tasi Bites & Blends

  • The Mustard Seed

  • Wood and Grain

  • Grace & Grit

  • Opal

Take A Cool Local Fitness Class

While some people prefer to work out alone or in private I know many of us do a lot better in a class setting. There is just something about the social component that makes attending fitness classes more fun. Plus, if you are a competitive person it can be a great way to work out some of that energy! Not to mention, if you are losing weight with an accountability partner it can be a fun way to push one another. As for the parents reading this, consider treating a fitness class as a healthy and productive way to take some “me time” where you only have to think about yourself and your goals for yourself. A few local fitness class options include:

  • Barre Evolution

  • Pivotal Fitness

  • HYLO Fitness classes

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