How To Make Your New House In Mt. Pleasant Feel More Like Home


There are few things more exciting than buying a new home!

Am I right?!

Especially, if you get to buy your new house in the illustrious lowcountry suburb Charleston that has been perfectly named Mount Pleasant.

However, if you are anything like most people it can take a really long time for that new house to really feel like your home. I promise it will in time but if you would like to expedite that process and wake up tomorrow saying “ahhhh hommmee sweet hommmeeee” then I have got you covered with this post! Here are some super simple steps you can take to ensure that your new Mount Pleasant house feels more like home than ever.

Put Up Family Photos & Hang Art

Believe it or not, one of the fastest, cheapest, and easiest things you can do to turn your Mount Pleasant house into a home is display family photos. Family photos can take an otherwise stark or cold room and make it feel as though it is a place for making memories. So whip out your favorite photos and get them on the walls. Then add a new one of you here at the new home and it will feel great!

Pull Out Anything That Has Nostalgic Feel

Do you have items from your own childhood that bring back a flood of warm and fuzzy memories? They aren’t doing you any good tucked away in a box in a closet or storage somewhere. Why not pull them out and keep them visible? I promise it will instantly start to feel more like home.

Adopt A New Pet

Pets have the most beautiful way of bringing people together. They can bring so much joy and laughter and warmth into our lives and although they’re a ton of responsibility and it oh so worth it! So if you have been playing with the idea of adopting a pet, I assure you this is one of the best times to do it. Not only will it instantly start to feel like home for you but your new pet will get to benefit from your new home too.

Warm It Up With Soft Lighting

Lighting is one of those small things that can actually make a massive impact on mood. It isn’t uncommon to move into a house that is filled with light bulbs that have a cold hue. This can make it feel more like you’re at the office or the grocery store than in the comfort of your own home. So swap out any bulbs that don’t have a warm hue and watch how you instantly relax.

Planning To Move To Mount Pleasant?

Nobody can blame you for wanting to move your family to this sparkling and family-friendly seaside suburb! However, finding the right home for your growing family in this complex and rather unique real estate market is easier said than done. That is where I come in! As a Realtor that specializes in working with relocating families, I have all the know-how and resources you need to get you a great deal on a home that your family will love forever and ensure the entire move is smooth sailing. So if you are thinking of moving to Mount Pleasant, give me a call today, and don’t forget to snag your copy of The Definitive Guide To Relocating To Mount Pleasant.