How To Tell The Kids That You Have To Move


There are times in life when we are excited about a move. There are other times when we are forced to move whether we like it or not. Usually because of work-related circumstances. While we understand this as adults, the idea of moving can be very confusing and difficult for children. Often, the way you approach the idea and the process can make a major impact on your children and that is what today’s post is all about. Whether you are moving by choice or you need to move because it is in the best interest of your family, this post will help to make it easier for all of you.

Don’t Put It Off

The worst thing you can do is spring a major move on a child right before it happens. Granted, there are times when you may have little to no control but the point is to sit the kids down in a family meeting at the earliest possible time. The longer you give your kids to begin wrapping their heads around the idea of moving and what that will mean for them, the easier it will be for them to get adjusted.

Sit Down For A Family Meeting

As soon as you have had the chance to gather your thoughts in regards to the move, it is time to call a family meeting to break the news to the kids. This meeting is mandatory for all to attend and needs to be treated as a top priority. That means there should be no devices allowed so that everyone can be fully engaged in this pivotal meeting. It is important that you use this opportunity to be positive and supportive. So prepare yourselves as the parents for any and all possible reactions to this major news.

Give Them All Of The Information They Need To Understand & Feel Secure

There are certain things that we don’t tell children of a certain age for their own good. Details that are not necessary for them to know. However, it is important that you do give your kids every ounce of information that they do need to be able to understand the situation. This doesn’t mean that they have to like it but it is in their best interest to at least be told why this major change is happening.

Allow Them To Ask Questions & Express Themselves

One of the biggest stressors for children of any age in a situation like this is the lack of control that they have over the situation. In fact, it can be incredibly frustrating to a child to be told that their entire life will be changing and that there is nothing that they can do to stop it. What can make those feelings of frustration even more intense is you also telling them how they should feel about it or to ask questions to deepen their understanding. Even if they have four hours of questions, it is crucial that you allow them all to be asked and that you give them the chance to express themselves however they feel comfortable without admonishment.

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