Is It Really Bad To Relocate In The Middle Of The School Year?


As parents, we place a tremendous amount of pressure on ourselves to be perfect and to always do the right thing by our children. That pressure that we place on ourselves often makes it harder for us to make some of life’s bigger decisions from a logical standpoint rather than an emotional one. For example, some parents that face a great opportunity to move will resist doing so for fear that the timing is wrong because the kids are in the middle of the school year. I know many parents face this challenging dilemma so I want to take this opportunity to reveal the truth about whether or not it is really bad to relocate before summer break.

It Depends On Your Situation

Okay, so first things first, there is never a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your family. So before we get into the meat and potatoes of today’s post, please just understand that nobody on this planet knows you, your family, and your kids as well as you. So all you can do is take the information in and apply what fits your family. While moving during the middle of the year might be the best decision for one family doesn’t mean it will be for yours so don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your choices because you know what is best for you.

Tell Them As Soon As Possible

Children do not often do well with huge life changes when they do not get any real say in the matter. They struggle much more with it when they aren’t given much time to digest the changes and process them in their own way. So let me say this, if you are seriously considering a move during the school year or have already decided you need to bring the kids into the loop as soon as possible. You might even ask them to provide their feedback as to whether they would rather move during the year or wait just make sure they understand that it is ultimately an adult decision.

Try To Do It Over A Break If You Can

If the primary reason that you would wait until Summer break is that you think it will be easier to have the kids help then you really don’t need to wait. There are tons of smaller breaks spread throughout the year that would also be a good opportunity for your move. Unless you will be paying cash for your new house, it will take you at least 30 to 60 days to close anyways and odds are there will be at least a three day weekend you can use to alleviate that stress.

The Financial Implications

The majority of people prefer to move during the Summer which means that the prices of homes usually increase along with several other costs like professional movers. That is also the time that it gets more competitive for buyers so it often isn’t the best time to buy. Please remember that every time you buy or sell a piece of real estate it will have a major impact on your family’s financial future. You could literally bankrupt yourself in one bad transaction so it is crucial that you hire a Realtor that understands your financial situation and can guide you accordingly.

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