Not Sure You Want To Move To Mt. Pleasant? Here’s How To Tell!


Moving to a new state or even just a new town can make anyone nervous. Especially, if you haven’t spent a ton of time there and don’t know what to expect. I see this all the time first-hand as a Realtor that specializes in working with people relocating to Mount Pleasant. After all, there is a lot to consider! Since I know I can’t possibly help every single family or person struggling with the idea of moving to Mt. Pleasant I wanted to share a few simple questions that I hope will shed insight as to whether this is the right move for you. I really hope it helps!

What Are You Looking For In A Place To Live?

No matter what taste you have, it can be found in a home here in Mt. Pleasant. From condos to multi-family buildings we have got it all. If you are fond of our beautiful historic architecture worthy of a Southern Living cover there is more than enough of it to go around. However, we also have a lot of new construction neighborhoods emerging which allow you to customize your home to fit your exact needs and desire.

Do You Love Being On Or By The Water?

If not, I suppose you could ignore the coast. However, so much of our coastal culture radiates throughout our perky little community. From the salty taste of the air to the award-winning seafood it is a major part of our way of life here. It is hard to imagine that anyone would be resistant to living by the sea but if that is you, this might not be the best place for you to put down roots.

Would You Like To Know Your Neighbors?

I get it, some people prefer to just keep to themselves and mind their own business and that is every person’s prerogative should they choose. While it is not a requirement to get to know your neighbors in Mt. Pleasant it sure is common practice. The people here are generally very happy, friendly, and outgoing. So if you love the idea of raising your family in that kind of community you will be very happy in Mount Pleasant.

Are You Planning To Raise A Family?

Do you know how some cities and towns seemed to just be designed and focused around particular lifestyles? For example, Manhattan is all about being on the go and living all 24 hours of the day with excitement and ambition. Well, Mount pleasant is a far cry from that. Our sleepy little seaside town is the kind of suburb where people move to raise their children in an idyllic setting, with wholesome culture and Southern values. If that sounds like what you’re looking for I can pretty much guarantee you will be happy here.

Get To Know Mount Pleasant

Sure, I might be a bit biased but I think there are a million reasons to move to Mount Pleasant. I mean, how can you go wrong with a name like Mount Pleasant after all? But if you would like to get to know Mount Pleasant and its communities a bit better before you decide to move, you can do that here under "Neighborhoods" on our Mount Pleasant Dream Home Page.

Already convinced that you are ready to move to Mount Pleasant? Make sure you grab your copy of The Definitive Guide To Relocating To Mount Pleasant!