Options for Schools In Mt. Pleasant


As a parent, there are few things that are more important to you than your child’s education. After all, it is our job as parents to give them the best possible resources and preparation for success in life, right? So it is no surprise that when I am working with families attempting or contemplating a move to Mount Pleasant that they want to know all they can about the schools. While there are many schools for families to choose from, I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of the schools we have available in Mount Pleasant. Whether you are planning to move to Mount Pleasant or have children that are nearing the school age, I hope this article gives you the information and perspective you have been looking for. Please share so that other families can learn about our Mt. Pleasant schools.

Mt. Pleasant Academy

The first thing that any parent should know about Mount Pleasant Academy is that it has been awarded the National Blue Ribbon School Of Excellence award. Mount Pleasant Academy is a Charleston County School District neighborhood school situated in the Old Village of Mt. Pleasant. They have a strong academic focus but the students are the heart and soul of everything they do. Currently, they serve over 600 children from the ages of four through the fifth grade.

Moultrie Middle School

Moultrie Middle School sits right in the heart of the oh-so-charming historic village district. Moultrie serves a student body of 900 students in grades six through eight with a focus on experiential learning. Parents are proud to send their children here thanks to the fact they the school consistently earns excellent ratings on the South Carolina Report Card and the Palmetto Gold status as a high performing school.

Lucy Beckham High School

One of the newest campuses to be completed in Mount Pleasant is the massive Lucy Beckahm which is beautifully nestled on over 44 acres right in the heart of Mount Pleasant. Lucy Beckham was founded with the mission to foster intelligence, challenge

students to live with integrity and promote civic involvement through a bold and innovative

Culture. Students can choose from curriculum pathways in either science & innovation or arts, humanities, and design. There is also a strong focus on the athletics program which includes everything from baseball to swimming.

East Copper Montessori Charter School

Unlike traditional public schools, you will need to apply to have your child admitted to the East Copper Montessori Charter School. In case you are not yet familiar with it; The Montessori Method fosters rigorous, self-motivated growth for children and adolescents in all areas of their development—cognitive, emotional, social, and physical. They have less than 400 students between grades Pre-K through 8th which means there is a wonderful student-to-teacher ratio and the school has earned an excellent rating on their report card.

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