Pros & Cons Of Moving To Mt. Pleasant


Have you been thinking about moving to Mount Pleasant? Well, if you haven’t done so already I have to assume it is for one of two reasons: the logistics are holding you back or you’re nervous that it isn’t the right place for you. I can understand that it can be really scary to move to a new place. Especially, when you have never been there before or spent much time there. So for those of you that are on the fence about whether or not our little seaside suburb is the right place for you to put down roots, this article is for you!

Pro: The Schools In Mount Pleasant Are Terrific

One of the biggest factors that goes into the decision of where to buy for many people is the local school system. Whether you already have kids or are hoping to in the near future, let me assure you that every parent is lucky to have their kids enrolled in one of our schools! Not only do we have a variety of different schools including public, private, and charter schools but we have several that are award-winning. So one thing you will never have to worry about when you are living in Mount Pleasant is your childrens’ education.

Con: The Real Estate Market Is Competitive

Mount Pleasant is rapidly growing in popularity among people that live locally and beyond! As a result, there has been an increasingly high demand in real estate throughout the Mount Pleasant market. Of course, you know what that means in the world of supply and demand. So while there are countless reasons to be proud to live in Mount Pleasant, odds are you will have to pay for that pride.

Pro: There Is Always Something Fun To Do

Often people living in Charleston or thinking of moving to Charleston are hesitant about suburbs like Mount Pleasant because they are afraid they will be really sleepy and boring. Well that might be true is some burbs but not in this one. Throughout the year, there are always cool events to attend that appeal to any interest. Plus, there’s a long list of local attractions open throughout the year and when in doubt that stunning coastline is a playground all on its own. So when you move to Mount Pleasant, there is always something fun to do!

Con: The Traffic Can Be Rough

Another one of the downsides to our sudden burst in popularity is that the traffic is getting to be what some would consider frustrating. This is partially due to increasing population but it also has to do with the infrastructure and the fact that bridges play a big role in these parts. However, I will say that you will at least be surrounded by sensational views much of the time you have to fight the traffic so it isn’t all bad.

Pro: You’re Always By The Beach

If you are one of those people that has always dreamt of living in a seaside community you will really feel right at home here. This southern town has a million and one little corners, homes, and storefronts that look like they’ve jumped off the pages of Southern Living. No matter where you live in Mount Pleasant, you will always be a short drive away from the bliss and beauty of our beaches which are second to none.

Planning To Move To Mount Pleasant?

Nobody can blame you for wanting to move your family to this sparkling and family-friendly seaside suburb! However, finding the right home for your growing family in this complex and rather unique real estate market is easier said than done. That is where I come in! As a Realtor that specializes in working with relocating families, I have all the know-how and resources you need to get you a great deal on a home that your family will love forever and ensure the entire move is smooth sailing. So if you are thinking of moving to Mount Pleasant, give me a call today, and don’t forget to snag your copy of The Definitive Guide To Relocating To Mount Pleasant.