Safe Ways To Make The Most Of Your 4th In Mt. Pleasant


As we make plans for the upcoming holiday weekend, many families may be thinking about staying safe including everything from driving safely and watching fireworks to staying healthy from the coronavirus. Especially, when it comes to protecting our children and our loved ones. Not to mention, it is important that we continue to set a good example for safety for our little ones that look to us as role models. So here is a post dedicated to helping you and your family have a safe and fun 4th of July this year.

Watch Fireworks From A Safe Distance

There is no doubt that watching fireworks is one of the most symbolic and celebrated traditions of the holiday. If you do plan on watching the fireworks you may consider finding a spot with a view of Patriot's Point or one of the other fireworks displays in Charleston. I suggest being concious of safety when watching fireworks. This may mean watching the fireworks from a safe distance, or even watching from a socially distant place with space between your family and the other people watching. Some people opt to watch from a boat to get a better view and to make it easier to stay socially distant. Of course, you can always use sparklers at home if you prefer not to go out at all.

Host A Celebration At Home

If you are worried about crazy drivers or if you are still not into the idea of being around crowds, you may want to consider having a fun celebration at home without putting ourselves and our families at risk. Hosting a BBQ or outdoor celebration you may want to:

  1. Limit the number of people that you invite

  2. Invite people who live nearby to minizmie your guest's travel time

  3. Keep the celebration outside

  4. Keep sanitizer readily available

  5. Only use disposable plates, utensils, etc.

  6. Use dispensable beverages like cans of soda and bottled beer

Remind The Kids What The 4th Is Really About

Often, I feel like the commercialization of our holidays makes it a bit hard for our children to remember what they are really about. With so much on our plates as parents, it can be difficult for us to remember to take the time to educate our kids. So here is your reminder. This year, I suggest you take some time to talk to the kids about why we celebrate our Independence Day and perhaps do some arts and crafts to make it fun. A quick search online will turn up tons of fun worksheets and activities for kids of all ages that you can print out for them.

How Do You Celebrate The 4th Of July In Mount Pleasant?

What are some of the ways that you and your family like to celebrate the 4th of July in Mount Pleasant? Please comment here and feel free to share ideas that are good for staying safe during the holiday. I just love hearing from all of you!