What Should You Look For In A Mt. Pleasant Realtor?


Getting ready to buy or sell real estate in Mount Pleasant? If you are anything like most people, you know it is in your best interest to arm yourself with a tenacious Realtor. However, many people struggle to know what they are supposed to look for in a real estate agent and as a result, they choose the wrong one!

I am not trying to scare you but the truth is if you hire the wrong real estate agent it can have massively negative consequences like:

  • The destruction of a personal relationship like a friend

  • The loss of thousands or millions of dollars to the point of bankruptcy

  • Nasty lawsuits

  • And so much more!

I am always so heartbroken to hear these horror stories. Especially, when they could have easily been avoided by choosing a more qualified real estate agent to represent you. So today, I am walking you through exactly what you need to do to find the best possible real estate agent in Mount Pleasant to represent you.

What Do They Specialize In?

There are two kinds of real estate agents out there; those that specialize in a certain type of real estate and become true experts and those that just need to take whatever clients they can get. Obviously, as a buyer or seller you would be much better off to work with a Realtor that is an expert in handling situations like yours. For example, I am a relocation specialist so I primarily focus on helping families relocate to or from Mt. Pleasant and the surronding area in the most seamless, stress-free way possible. Before you hire any agent, ask what they specialize in and if they say they don’t have a niche or tell you “listings or buyers”, they are not worthy of your business.

Are They Willing To Do An Interview?

There is not an agent on this gorgeous planet that deserves your business if they are not at least willing to go through an interview process. Despite the fact that you might not even have to pay your agent (the sellers pay for both agents), this is still a job and you need to treat the position that way. This person will play a major role in your family’s overall financial well being and that deserves a formal interview with tough questions and standards. Oh, and please don’t forget to actually check their references rather than just assume their online testimonials are legitimate.

How Many Clients Do They Have?

Some people hire agents based on the fact that they perceive them to be the most popular in town. Well here’s the thing; although it is a testament that they could be a good agent, you need to be wary. Some agents are so consumed with collecting paychecks that the clients take the back burner. If they don’t have the right staff and systems in place to support having so many clients you would be better off with an agent that has none.

Will They Negotiate Their Commission?

So many people insist on trying to negotiate the agent’s commission down. Here’s why this is such a dangerous mistake:

  1. If they won’t fight for their own money, what makes you think they will fight for your money?

  2. If you are paying them 2% and all of their other clients are paying the full 3%, who do you think will get the better service and results.

If you ask an agent to lower their commission and they quickly agree, run the other way!

Planning To Move To Mount Pleasant?

Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on your very wise decision to move to Mount Pleasant! Our sunny little lowcountry suburb is safe, fun, and the perfect place to raise a family. If you need help finding the perfect Mount Pleasant home for your family to grow into, give me a call today and I will assemble a shortlist of available properties that meet your needs. Already have a home here? Be sure to subscribe to my blog for more weekly tips on how to make the most of your life in and around Mount Pleasant.