Your Kids Will Scream For These Mt. Pleasant Ice Cream Shops


Is it me or is there something so wonderfully nostalgic about taking the kids out for ice cream at a traditional ice cream shop? There is just something so fun about rewarding the kids for good behavior or simply surprising them with an ice cream outing. As things are starting to heat up here in the Lowcountry, I wanted to dedicate this week’s post to one of America’s most traditional pastimes, going out for ice cream. Cast your vote for your favorite in the comments!

Ye Ole Fashioned Ice Cream & Sandwich Cafe

First up on our list is Ye Ole Fashioned Ice Cream & Sandwich Cafe which has been nothing short of a staple in the Lowcountry since 1972 when Ron Lapin originally opened it under the name, West Ashley Cafe. It has now grown to an amazing six locations throughout our area, each just as delightful as the next. They have a wonderful selection of more than 30 flavors, many of which they have won awards for. I love that you can grab a quick and yummy lunch and top it off with their ice cream or one of their award winning shakes which are addicting.

Marble Slab Creamery

Everything at Marble Slab is a feast for the eyes as much as it is the belly! If you have never been, I am seriously warning you that you will feel like a kid in a candy store yourself when you visit this little shop. One of the most unique things about them is their selection of unique ice cream cakes and ice cream cupcakes. They have flavors and combos to fit every craving and they even give you the option to create your own ice cream cake or cupcake which is a great idea for that next birthday.

Wich Cream

If you and the kids are fans of ice creams sandwiches, you are bound to become regulars at Wich Cream where they have the most fabulous assortment of ice cream sandwiches. All of their ice cream is artisanally handcrafted and then lovingly paired with their brownies and cookies which are also made from scratch. I often love to try their seasonal specialty flavors such as their apple pie and strawberry mint but their collaborations are terrific too.

Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt

If you know me, you know I just had to include a softserve option in today’s list so I also want to recommend Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt where they have no sugar added, non-fat, and low fat options. Kids really love it here because they can pick their own flavor or flavors of yogurt and then get creative with their huge selection of toppings.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Living In Mount Pleasant?

Go ahead and call me biased, but I think Mount Pleasant is by far one of the greatest Southern cities to live and raise a family! From cool events and interesting culture to the family-friendly atmosphere and everything in between this is truly a phenomenal place to live.

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