How to Make the Most of Spring Break in Mount Pleasant


I know we say it every year but can you believe that Spring Break is upon us already?! I mean really, how can that be?!


Despite the fact that our kids pretty much count the days until Spring Break every year, it can be one of the most dreaded and challenging times for parents. Balancing child care and work for children that are too old for daycare can be a nightmare. Especially, if your kids are at that in-between age where they are not old enough or responsible enough to be safely left alone at home while you go to work.


Still, you want your kids to enjoy this time that they have been looking forward to for so long in a way that doesn’t have you pulling your hair out. Not to worry my friend because today I am serving up some sweet inspo to help you and your kids make the most out of Spring Break in Mount Pleasant this year. Please pay it forward to friends and neighbors so that they too can enjoy this year’s “break”.


Check Out A New Family-Friendly Attraction

In the day-to-day chaos of life, it can be easy to forget that we have a litany of fun, family-friendly attractions in our area and around South Carolina. Even if you can’t spend most of the week with your kids, it is a good idea to take some time on the weekend to do something special like visit one of our local attractions. Especially, if your child will be entertaining themselves at home for their break. Of course, we have plenty of great little outings around Mt. Pleasant but for something that feels a little extra special, I suggest you drive to one that is at least a couple of hours away and grab a hotel for the night.


Enroll The Kids In A Spring Break Camp

If you are forced to work for the entire break and you're not sure what to do for childcare, I absolutely love the idea of enrolling the kids in a local Spring Break Camp. Just like your better-known summer camp, these shorter camps of entertainment, education, and exercise for a well-rounded experience.


  • Charleston National Golf Spring Break Camp

  • Mt. Pleasant Spring Break Camp

  • Mt. Pleasant Dance Camp


Do Something Educational

If you have the time, I think it is important to try and pick an educational activity to keep their brains at least a little stimulated. This could be going somewhere educational together like a cool museum. Or perhaps you could go online and pick out a fun but educational craft or activity to try together. Pinterest is full of ideas depending on your kids’ ages and interests but you can always reach out to teachers for ideas as well.


Try A New Restaurant

Sometimes there simply isn’t enough time or money to do something “big” for Spring Break. I get it; we have all been there! But if you do have a few extra bucks in the bank, I love the idea of allowing the kids to pick out a restaurant they have never been to before for a special meal. You can always give them a list of options to control the spending too. For many kids, going out to eat feels like a really special treat, and getting to pick the place is the cherry on top! Since it is a special occasion, you may also want to consider letting them indulge a bit by allowing them to get things you normally would restrict like soda or dessert. The great thing about spending time with your kids is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a meaningful memory with and for them.


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